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Mark A. Cornelius April 9, 2019

You know you were injured in an auto accident or in a slip and fall. You were there, after all. But ultimately, personal-injury cases are up to a jury or judge — who were not there. They only have the information you offer them as evidence to consider your case. And the opposing side in the legal matter, the other driver, for example, is going on that evidence as well.

So it’s up to you to empower your case, to boost your claim, by maximizing its strength in court. It can be a stressful time, but keeping these three tips in mind can ultimately make a difference in your settlement.

Document evidence. If you are at all able, take photographs of the accident scene and injuries once all those involved are safe (pulled over to the side of the road, ambulance on the way, etc.). Names and connect information for witnesses are also important. You want your personal-injury attorney to be able to contact anyone who saw the accident. Call the police to be sure a police report is written up — it’s another document needed for the claim.

See a doctor. This isn’t just a good idea for medical reasons (which it is). It’s also the post-accident, expert opinion on your status that will be needed for a settlement or court trial. Your health status should be documented, dated and signed by a health professional. Then, it’s important to follow his or her treatment plan for your injuries.

File your claim as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for a personal-injury lawsuit in the state of Florida is four years. But it can be a lengthy legal process, depending on factors involved. Also remember that it’s best to allow as much time as possible, as you don’t want to necessarily accept the first settlement offer made by the other side. Filing suit when needed sends a message to the other side that you are confident in your eligibility for a fair recovery.

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