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Information You Should Ask Witnesses

Law Office Of Mark A. Cornelius P.A. May 16, 2023

Statistics show that nearly 80% of all drivers have been involved in at least one accident on the road. In Florida, car wrecks are an unfortunate reality. Everyone knows that if you are involved in one, you’re going to need to document what happened as completely as possible. But what does this exactly entail?  

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Altamonte Springs or anywhere else in Florida, contact me at the Law Office of Mark A. Cornelius P.A. As a personal injury attorney, I have more than 25 years of experience in helping victims of car wrecks ask the right questions and recover the compensation owed them. I will work alongside you to pursue your claim, whether through an insurance claim or a courtroom case.

I am proud to serve clients throughout Central Florida, including the communities of Seminole, Orange, Osceola, and Volusia, as well as Polk County and Lake County. 

Car Accident Claims in Florida

The Sunshine State is home to hundreds of thousands of auto accidents every year. While Florida is a no-fault insurance state, that does not mean that you do not need to collect evidence about the collision you were in, including statements and contact information from witnesses. Any damage to your vehicle caused by the other driver will be a point of contention, as will any injuries that surpass the PIP protection in your policy. Evidence is incredibly important. 

When you’re involved in an accident, you need to take certain steps. First, get immediate medical attention, and then contact the police. While at the scene, if you’re not too injured, take photos or videos of the vehicles involved, your injuries or injuries to your passengers, the conditions of the road, and even roadside warning signs that may have been violated.  

When you get a chance, write down or record what happened to the best of your recollection. Of course, don’t forget to get the other driver’s contact and insurance information. Additionally, try to obtain a copy of the police report when it’s filed. All of these details will help you during insurance negotiations and beyond. 

Questions To Ask Witnesses

There may be witnesses to your auto accident, whether on the roadside or in other vehicles. It would be best if you could collect statements from them about what they saw. Questions you should ask may include: 

  • “What time did you arrive at the accident scene?”  

  • “Where were you coming from and where were you heading when the accident happened?” 

  • “From your perspective, what were the weather and road conditions like?”  

  • “In your own words, can you describe in detail what you saw?” 

  • “Did you have a clear view of the accident? How far away were you?”  

  • “Do you know of any other witnesses who may have more information?” 

Additional Information To Gather from Witnesses

You’re going to need witnesses’ contact information so there can be a follow-up from the insurance company or from your attorney. In addition, you may want to ask any witnesses if they have any expertise in the matter of auto accidents, and whether they personally knew anyone involved in the incident. You want to make sure they’re not biased in any way or another, and also to determine how credible their testimony may be if you need to call upon them later. 

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

You can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver despite Florida’s no-fault laws if the injuries are severe enough. However, every single situation is different, and it’s important to stay informed of new laws that may impact your personal injury case. Contacting a skilled attorney for help with your case is absolutely vital. 

Guiding You Through the Claims Process

You don’t need to go through this complex process alone. I am prepared to handle insurance adjusters on your behalf and strive for the compensation that you truly deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Central Florida, reach out to me immediately at the Law Office of Mark A. Cornelius P.A.